What We Do


At EDAK WILLIE EMPOWERMENT FOUNDATION we believe that EDUCATION is the greatest empowerment that can be bequeathed to any child. When a child is educated a whole nation receives the benefit. For the purpose of our advocacy, we are focusing on the girl child.

Global research has shown that a young person will be three times more likely to be unemployed than an average adult. This is made even worse with poor or no education. Now if we put this in the context of the girl child the result is a gradual nosedive into vices.

The girl child needs an all-round protection from such vices which may include DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, FORCED MARRIAGES, RAPE, ALL FORMS OF ABUSES, CHILD TRAFFICKING, KIDNAPPINGS, BABY MAMA SYNDROME, PROSTITUTION and a host of others. From the aforementioned it becomes imperative that effective and immediate action be taken to stop or at least reduce this menace.


Our target audience are children from ages 8-22 years.
Some of which are in primary and secondary schools.

We plan to educate them to their university degree levels.