Vision and Mission



Our vision is to raise a generation of women unburdened by archaic beliefs. It is our craving to raise girls who can be strong pillars in their communities and the country in general. We are desirous to sponsor at least 400 girls to school.


To visit community strongholds, inner cities, urban ghettos, academic institutions and remote rural areas to counsel, educate and empower the girl child.

Thus at EDAK WILLIE EMPOWERMENT FOUNDATION we have identified that there is a deficiency in learning for the girl child in most part of this country. Our aim is to empower the girl child through POSITIVE ACADEMIC TRANSFORMATION as a poverty (and by extension vices) reduction measure.

EWEF Projects

EWEF is saddled with the following projects each year.

  • Camping of the girls for leadership training etc.
  • Advocacy programmes in both primary and secondary schools.
  • EWEF health walk
  • Sponsorship of girls into schools