The Edak Willie Foundation Girl-Child Empowerment Program is designed to enccourage and enable better access to formal education for the African girl child.

Edak Willie Empowerment Foundation will be focusing on helping more girls get a secondary school education in the Niger-Delta Area of Nigeria, starting with Akwa-Ibom State, from 2018-2020.

The Scholarship will cover:

  • Tuition (where applicable)
  • All supplies needed for school
  • A daily upkeep allowance

An average of 150 girls will benefit from this programme in the three-year period.

Students will be nominated from several girls schools in the region, and scholarships will be awarded to all nominees that pass a screening to determine eligibility and level of need.

The approved scholarships will be awarded in February of 2018.

The advantages of having more girls educated are numerous, they include:

  • Reduced incidences of child-traficking
  • Lower teenage pregnancy numbers
  • Girls will be better able to make informed choices, as ir rekates to social, moral and even financial issues.

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